The Future Cyberpunk Carpark

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The Future Cyberpunk Carpark, 2022

Each Hong Kong person has their own ideal landmarks. But if vehicles have the same memory and feelings as human beings, their ideal landmark must be the Yau Ma Tei Carpark. Not only has this historical building been equipped with its own bridge, it also has a huge parking capacity, carrying a strong sense of prestige and systematic structuring. A very unique building stood out as a remarkable landmark amidst the Yau Tsim Mong District.

Although it gave way to recent development, inexhaustible flow of memories about the place vividly appear in the world of Cyberpunk, where one can find the floating fictional neon signs and cars, shimmering in the curtain of dark night. The place seems to be the meeting point of various cars and passersby who wander the nearby night market after they parked their cars in the carpark. It continues the image of the hustle and bustle of old Hong Kong.

Limited Edition of 60 (across all media and sizes)

This artwork includes Augmented Reality features. View it via Artivive (iOS, Google Play) or Pure Studio (iOS, Google Play) Mobile Apps.

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