The Rainy Night in Yue Man Square

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The Rainy Night in Yue Man Square, 2022

To be a landmark, it must be a place of collective recollection. The location of McDonald’s in Yu Man Square, Kwun Tong, is definitely a “shared landmark”, which is also a meeting point for children, students and even the elderly. They enjoy the food, read books and study. It is also a place witnessing many lovers’ romance. It is definitely a regular rendezvous for everyone. Although it has recently been demolished for reconstruction, its image persists in our mind and exists in form of virtual reality entering into the futuristic Cyberpunk ages. It is a memory of the old Hong Kong – old Kwun Tong.

Limited Edition of 60 (across all media and sizes)

This artwork includes Augmented Reality features. View it via Artivive (iOS, Google Play) or Pure Studio (iOS, Google Play) Mobile Apps.

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