Odd Indv

Odd Individual

Odd Individual (b.1997) - also known as ODD INDV - is a self-taught artist who’s breaking into the industry by challenging the norms and possibilities. Inspired by cartoons, different artists, pop art and pop culture in general, he created a character to embody his idea that “Before anyone became someone, they started as just another person hiding under their own mask”. His playful art style is drawn from a raw and simplistic technique to express the message that all art begins with a rough sketch, and that you don’t need to be great to start, but you must start in order to be great.

As a kid, ODD INDV’s (Jack Zheng) imagination & dreams were moulded by the things that he would consume and this would range from cartoons, to shows, to movies, and many more. He would then visualize it through a piece of paper using a pen or pencil, and that was it, that was the start.

Even though he could not draw and had no experience in drawing - He would still be doodling on notebooks, and sketching different shapes/characters, which allowed him to escape into a reality where everything seemed possible.

But, as he grew older, responsibilities stacked up and he was often told to “grow up”. This, adding to the fact that he started to believe that some things are just “impossible” to achieve, drove him even more to believing that his dreams - as they were told to him by others, were just another escape from his responsibilities. But one thing stands true till today, and that was his curiosity of “what if”.

“What if instead of escaping from his reality, he could turn his escape into his reality?” - “What If he could ever learn to draw, then would he be able to draw all the things he’d love?”

So instead of doing what the “normal” adult would do, he pursued to be an Odd Individual who would beat his own odds in becoming an artist, so that his dreams would be applauded for, and not viewed as just “an escape from responsibilities”.

About the Character

The Character he created has a mask over his head and glasses in a “sad eyes” shape. This was done purposefully as Odd Indv believes that all who wish to pursue their dreams are usually hiding their true selves from those around them. Although we may try to hide, the eyes are a tell-tale sign that many of us are facing tough challenges along the way that push us to the limit of giving up - hence why they are shaped like “sad eyes”.

This character brings the message to embrace the fact that even if you wish to hide, keep moving forward and don’t give up. Everyone we’ve come to admire, or looked up to, has at one point also been hiding and working hard without anyone acknowledging their hard work. That didn’t stop them from beating their odds, so it shouldn’t stop you from trying - because sometimes, that’s all it takes.

In this exhibition Odd Indv deploys his bold and uneven strokes to send his character on adventures in various settings, influenced by the pop culture elements the artist has consumed over the years. Underneath the playful tone of each depicted adventure lies a deeper meaning that is to be uncovered by the audience.

Limited Edition Prints by OddIndv