Shadow Wong

Shadow Wong

Shadow Wong has over 17 years of experience in branding and marketing. Throughout her career, she has drawn inspiration from her work, friends, and clients, which has helped her develop a strong sense of design and art.

Since childhood, she has had a deep love for drawing and painting. Although she did not pursue a career as an artist, her passion for painting has never waned. It has always remained in her heart. Two years ago, she decided to reignite her passion and began practicing art in her free time, teaching herself along the way.

As she delves into her art practice, Shadow continues to evolve her skills and refine her unique artistic style. With the unique concepts, brush strokes and colours, she seeks to express her innermost emotions, capturing the essence of her experiences and the depth of her creative spirit.

The theme of this series of paintings is “Love in the Shadows”.

“Over the past two years, my life has undergone significant changes, filled with moments of despair and pain. Fortunately, after resuming my painting practice, I have gradually recovered from these challenges, allowing my emotions to find release and rediscovering the path of life. This experience has taught me that everyone faces ups and downs and difficult times in their lives, but there are also beautiful and happy memories. Therefore, it is important for us to cherish the beautiful moments in the present and live in the present.”

“The paintings feature a distinct blue object with a black outline, symbolising my memories and past experiences. The shadows cast by these objects are typically depicted in dark colours. To represent myself and convey the idea of unforgettable and joyful moments, I used roses as the shadows instead. Roses are my favourite flowers. They are beautiful and radiant when they bloom, but their blooming period is short-lived, reminding me to cherish every happy moment because beautiful times are always fleeting.”

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