Loktung Wong

Loktung Wong

Loktung Wong is a Hong Kong born self-taught artist. Through pushing boundaries of an ink pen to create endless details of nature, she is learning and exploring the complexity of being human. Upon recognizing her personal experiences, unfamiliar emotions started coming out which formed the basis of her creativity and curiosity. She mixes abstraction and realism together so that the endless details can represent their indefinable human emotion that one struggle to pinpoint but still be relatable to the viewers. She is fascinated by the textures in nature that may be overlooked; the freckled moulds in a wall, the subtle curling of a leaf, and how humans can relate to them. She finds beauty in spotting textures, that can evoke some sort of discomfort and rawness.

When the viewers look closely at the leaves on her artworks, they will notice that there is so much distortion and brokenness. The viewers may be fascinated by the beautifully-textured leaves, but she believes it is actually having the discomforting on the beauty that captivates us. Her artworks focus on provoking the mind to connect to the viewers, rather than satisfying them.

By using only an ink pen and her fingers to smudge, she have been able to create raw textures of nature, such as the chaotic moulds flaring out in some of her artworks. Through pushing boundaries of an ink pen, she is exploring how subjects assumed to be so simple can be so profound.

As her creativity grew, so did her curiosity for other art forms such as philosophy, poetry, film and music, especially those that also played with the unsettling and the soothing together. This in turn give her a better understanding about the world to fuel her to create vivid visions.

In a very lonely yet crowded world, she hopes that maybe there is someone out there that could feel less lonely when viewing her art.

Limited edition prints by Loktung Wong