Dear Childhood

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Dear Childhood, 2022

Limited edition print by Loktung Wong

Every adult has a wounded child inside. ‘Dear Childhood’ evokes memories and emotions from our childhood buried deeply in us, whether we have acknowledged or suppressed them. This artwork tells of a girl feeling trapped, and the loneliness she is enduring. The girl reading by the window inside a gothic architectural building induces old emotions trapped from childhood but wanting to be free from its reality. The firm posture of the girl alludes that she is head-strong and willing to take whatever happens with grace and strength. The style of the gothic architecture suggests the distance that she feels from others, while the dark shadows inside the window implies the emptiness that the girl is feeling. Commonly, children have never been taught how to understand or process their emotions. As a child, you may have been seen as the shy, quiet kid, unable to express your feelings, or the extremely loud and outgoing kid, who has conditioned your body to live in constant denial of your own inner emotions.

Limited Edition of 100 (across all media and sizes)

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