Varun Wadhawan

Varun Wadhawan

Varun is a creative designer based in Hong Kong, with a strong background in the fashion industry. He has worked for top international denim brands such as Levi’s® and Lee®, where he gained invaluable experience in design, production, and marketing. Varun’s design philosophy is centered on simplicity and functionality. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of design and sustainability, and he is passionate about using his skills to create clothing that is both stylish and environmentally responsible.

Beyond the fashion industry, Varun has always been passionate about exploring art and culture. He has been sketching and painting since an early age, using his art to reflect his surroundings and explore the human condition. His interest in art and culture has had a profound influence on his design aesthetic.

Limited edition prints from “Moulting/Metamorphosis”

Opening Reception: August 3, Thursday, 6-8 pm at HKI Gallery (RSVP Here)

These line drawings are a journey. Each captures a different stage in the journey. Layers are shed, emotions are scratched raw, perceptions transform – a new self emerges. The monochromatic style of the artworks emphasizes the purity and simplicity of the transformation process. But the process of moulting is not pleasing. It comes from a purge of old skin to new realities. The first few drawings portray the physical discomfort inherent in this transformation. The lines gradually metamorphosize into a new, stronger self.