Featured new artist:

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Australian street photographer Sean Foley. In a series of limited edition prints the artist explores urban nightlife in Hong Kong in his highly recognizable style.

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Recent Exhibitions:

Record of Cybercity - a solo exhibition by PureHay. Exhibition Period: 11 April - 6 May, 2023 (Purchase limited edition prints)

Chaos & Peace - a solo exhibition by Ivan Trieu. Exhibition Period: 17 Feb - 30 Mar 2023

DigiTales 2022 - a group exhibition featuring Rob Sketcherman, Felipe Risco, Rick Lo, and OddIndv. Exhibition Period: Dec 2, 2022 - Jan 18, 2023

Time To Grow Up – But Don’t Stop Dreaming by OddIndv. Exhibition Period: 27 Oct – 26 Nov 2022 | Shop Limited Edition Prints

Evolving Territories: Hong Kong in Transition 1994-2000 by Gretchen So
Exhibition Period: 27 Aug – 22 Oct 2022 | Read about the project and view images

HKI Gallery presents “Beyond Borders of Mahjong” by Andy Poll, Karen Aruba, and Ricky Cheung. Opening: 3-5:30 pm on 23 July 2022, Saturday.Beyond Borders of Mahjong by AndyPoll, Karen Aruba, Cheung
Exhibition Period: 23 Jul – 13 Aug 2022 | Mahjong Tiles Hand-carving Demo

Slightly Mad by Roberta Boffo
Exhibition Period: 2 Dec 2021 – 1 Feb 2022