Felipe Risco

Felipe Risco

Felipe Colasanti Risco was born in Zafra, Spain and currently lives in Rome, Italy. He studied art in Spain and Italy respectively. Then became the art director of various titles including “Viaggio in Italia”. He collaborated on city projects with the Department of Education Policies for the Municipality of Rome. At the same time, exhibiting artwork in several Spanish and Italian galleries, his works were also featured by many museums in Italy as marketing material and gift items, such as the legendary UFFIZI GALLERY MUSEUM, Florence, the renowned GALLERIA BORGHESE, Rome and the famous CAPITOLINE MUSEUM, Rome where items continue to sell. Felipe's accolades include 1st prize in ICIPICI contest, Rome and 1st prize in Premio START Thiene, Italy. He has collaborations with a wide spectrum of commercial brands, including iconic Italian luxury brand FENDI, legendary jewellery BULGARI, Milan jewellery POMELLATO, pioneer Italy lifestyle brand FIORUCCI, Italian premium jewellery and watches BUCCELLATI, Japanese kidswear MUCHACHA, Rome-designed eyeglasses MONDELLIANI, French renowned children shoes POM D’API, Dutch famous artisanal tableware ROYAL GOEDEWAAGEN, Spanish children’s book NIÑOS DEL MUNDO and the poster for the documentary DJANGO & DJANGO, featuring QUENTIN TARANTINO. Felipe releases his artworks to sell worldwide, as limited editions, starting in 2021.

Artist Statement

Felipe adores nature and colour, “the world is full of colour! “ This is what he loves about the world, particularly in nature, there are numerous kinds of flowers in which he finds all dazzling colours that not only enthral him but enlighten him to his creations. He travelled to parks and forests, taking hundreds of flower photos, picking his favourite ones, then recreating them one-by-one on computer with vibrant colours in order to build his own dream world of flowers. His wonderland of flowers has been giving him recognition and accolades through the years.

Nevertheless, after all the joy of each flower’s artwork which Felipe loved, alongside the success came the pressure from requests and demands to create more and more similar artwork up to a point that Felipe didn’t feel inspired and excited anymore. Hence he stopped making solely with flowers. He tried adding birds, another marvel of nature he loves, yet after some enjoyment with this attempt, he has moved on to other themes such as Roman antiquity and surreal fantasy. Only in 2021, on a rare occasion, he created the “Love Birds” which he wanted to emphasize the message of love.

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