Nuova Vita

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Nuova Vita

Archival pigment print by Felipe Risco (limited edition)

Felipe’s floral artworks have become the signature that earned him accolades through decades. This artwork was showcased in PREMIO NAZIONALE DI ARTE CONTEMPORANEA THIENE, VICENZA, ITALY which Felipe won the 1st Prize in Digital Art Session. The flower buds line geometrically forming an orderly pattern, then three are fully bloomed with ball-shaped flowers, which resemble our planet earth. The propagated plants have the metaphor of how life will be generated on our planet earth in such a beautiful way, especially while the whole scene has a subdued colour tone, the flower balls in striking red colour are to celebrate the beauty of life.

Each print is sold with a certificate of authenticity. Original size will have artist’s signature and edition number on the artwork.

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