The Fragrance of Kowloon City

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The Fragrance of Kowloon City, 2022

The old Kowloon City was full of eateries and cake shops, which gave us not only the taste of food, but also the taste of recollections. I remember when I was young my grandma would bring us the Egg Tarts for the most enjoyable afternoon tea. Even nowadays, Egg Tarts still carry the warmth and preciousness of family love. She passed away not long ago. We will never forget her love, and her Egg Tarts have transcended a memory of taste. It is hoped that a virtual version of the landmark could prolong the public sentiment and affection of taste of the old days.

Limited Edition of 60 (across all media and sizes)

This artwork includes Augmented Reality features. View it via Artivive (iOS, Google Play) or Pure Studio (iOS, Google Play) Mobile Apps.

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