Nick Holton

Nick Holton

Nick has established a successful foundation as a Hong Kong artist by creating works that capture the intricate subtleties and peripheral details underlying the busy lifestyle and shiny cityscapes more commonly associated with the city.

With a background as a lawyer in the US, Nick moved to Hong Kong and discovered a compelling fascination in the subtle nuances of bustling street scenes, gritty cityscapes and elaborate mixture of architecture. Self taught, Nick has developed a style unique amongst other local artists by grounding his images in concentratedly comprehensive detail, tempting perspectives, and fusing that with bright color splashes and on-paper mixing techniques.

Beginning each picture without any particular idea as to its eventual color scheme or emotive sense, Nick embraces an enthusiastically improvisational style which brings about an energetic, dramatic and dynamic character to his artwork. Finding inspiration in the ever- evolving nature of Hong Kong, Nick’s work reflects the fundamental duality between the city’s eager pace of urban redevelopment, growth and preference for modernization contrasted with the simultaneous commitment to preserving old-world customs and respectful awareness of the historic, aging, deteriorating – even condemned – structures that hide in the shadows of Hong Kong’s brand-new billion dollar properties. It is this subtle coexistence, gritty charm, and spontaneous adaptation to change which Nick seeks to extract his paintings.

Limited Edition Prints by Nick Holton

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