HKD $6,000


Edition of 50 on archival paper
Print size: 60x80cm (Includes 2 cm white border each side)

Original Medium: pen and ink on paper
Original Size: 56x76cm
Year: 2020
Series: Knowledge

The Grey, The Thrill, The Prey is Roberta’s most intense and difficult piece to date. With 300 hundred hours of active work and over 4 million dots, it was born out of that primordial need to challenge and push past all the self-perceived limitations. Mentally, it represents an unseen level of commitment and patience. Technically, it reflects Roberta’s boundless love for the intuitive and meditative nature of her work between her motifs and symbols and the technique of pointillism (stippling). It truly is the epitome of what her art means to her: the disappearance, annihilation of self into the abstract reality of all that is unseen to most, but her. In her world she comes to life in the joy of her making, in the addiction to the physical pain and distress, in the beauty of something so complex and yet so simple and finally in the power of subtleties and mesmerizing deceptions. Roberta says: “This piece is the tale of hardship, strength and conquer. As the name entails, grey is my favorite color, as it is peaceful, calm and quiet. This piece is all grey, but in life few things come easy. And if it is too easy, then I feel like where I am going isn’t worth it. Here, I tell the story of my life, a life where I am always searching for the next thrill, the thrill of a conquest, the thrill of the fight, the thrill of success and accomplishment alongside all the pain, distress and hurt that is necessary to prove that you can be more and can do more than you ever think possible. I always think big, I am not afraid to jump in, I need the challenge, I need to feel like the life I am living means something, that I was born for a reason and that I was here. The Grey […] means everything to me. I lived this piece like no other and I would do this again in a heartbeat.”