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(Original Artwork)

Original Medium: pen on paper
Size: 46x53cm
Year: 2017
Series: Early Works

This work is an earlier work by the artist and it was created in 2017. At that time Roberta was working in a school in Hong Kong as an educator. With her busy working schedule she recalls her feeling of void and frustration when she did not have enough time to create art and explore her artistry as much as she have wanted to. Her sense of emptiness and of loss of selfidentity became so strong and deeply rooted in her during this time. But that year when she was granted seven days at home due to a public holiday, Roberta finally had the chance to sit in her home studio and fill that void, satisfy her need to create and restore balance, emotionally and mentally. In this seven days, Shapes on Circles came to life. Working about 12-14 hours per day for 4 days, drawing hundreds or circles, filling the paper and leaving space only for loose forms and shapes, Roberta found her balance and still she recalls that beautiful feeling of immense fulfilment and accomplishment that motivated her to create so many more works. This work reflects her love for dots, shapes, forms and of course her monochromatic peace, black and white and that illusion of all the greys in between, which all traces back to her love for abstract expressionism and Wassily Kandinsky.

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