HKD $4,000


Archival Pigment Print
Series: Transformation
Original medium: ink on paper
Year: 2018


Print size: 62x80cm
(Includes 2 cm white border each side)

“Newborn” is the second piece in the series “Transformation”. The series comprises of three works that are crucial to her artistic progress and emotional evolution. Roberta produced all of the three works in the matter of a couple of hours one afternoon in 2018.

Newborn is this natural explosion of emotions, where Roberta intuitively depicted this sort of uterus, almost representing her own birth, or perhaps the birth of her true artistic self and her art. In this lively composition full of movement and joy, the artist is born. The art is freed. All that sadness and struggle that was burning deep inside her is let go and if finally bursting though in this explosion of emotions and feelings, with splashes of ink, natural spontaneous, decisive and with intent. The intent to let go, to be born again, to be herself and a strong belief in her newly found persona.