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Original medium: pen on paper
Original size: A4
Series: Freedom
Year: 2015-16


Milky Way is one of the earliest works of artist Roberta Boffo. Completed with just a pen on paper, this work also was born out of boredom and it depicts the artist’s deep love for nature and its creatures, especially butterflies. Created between 2015-2016, this work follows the artist journey through Suriname, South America earlier in 2013. Met with the astonishing nature and wildlife of the Amazon rainforest, including a variety of colourful and peculiar butterflies, Roberta found herself full of inspiration and upon her return to Beijing, she started studying more floral creations, revolving around nature and its nuances. Without quite realizing so, this work is very important in Roberta’s artistic journey as the use of subjects and tones, the amount of black space and pointillism to achieve shades of grey coincide with the beginning of her change in style towards looser and more abstract compositions combined with her love for scripture and calligraphy. In this work Roberta subtly and joyfully speaks of that artistic freedom and evolution that will make itself present in her later works and the “Transformation” series. This work has been well loved by many and Roberta titled it Milky Way as it reminded her of an inverted milky way, full of stars and infinite possibilities. It is a very dreamy and almost surreal work. Important to notice in the work is the fragility and transparency that Roberta achieved in the first butterfly that she composed in the work. In attempt to avoid symmetry a far more important and visually appealing result was achieved and it still catches the attention of many.

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