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Series: Reflections
Edition of 50 on archival paper
Print size: 34x117cm
(Includes 2 cm white border each side)

Original Medium: ink on paper
Original Size: 30x113cm
Year: 2019


“Just a Memory” is a work of remarkable dedication, discipline, commitment and a bit of craziness. Roberta completed this work in less than 4 days, tummy flat down of the floor, day and night, tracing lines over and over to fill this some sort of vertical split of a tree trunk. It was all achieved with a fine calligraphy brush and ink. Working herself through different sections, Roberta admits this was one of the most intense and physically draining works she’s ever completed. In about 40 hours of work over the course of 4 days, Roberta was able to complete yet another one of her most beloved and defining works that remind people so much of her love for trees and nature, for the essence of things.

In a process that requires a loss of control, where each line is summoning you to follow, Roberta reiterates the physical distress and pain is worth it. It’s almost like you are grounded and you rejoice in feeling like you can let go, and there is something that will catch you and carry you along. There is no need to always lead, sometimes the most rewarding thing is to be led and follow blindly.

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