HKD $4,000


Edition of 50 on archival paper
Print size: 50x57cm
(Includes 2 cm white border each side)
Series: Early Works
Year: 2017


Elefanti is a joyful and playful work that Roberta completed earlier in 2017, that depicts her love for symbols, and subtly, calligraphy. Always created intuitively, this work advances Roberta’s evolution into looser pattern work, completed both with pigment pens and calligraphy brush and ink. This particular work is quite interesting as the composition comprises of six little elephants, but when the work was first exhibited to the public in 2018 at Roberta’s first solo show, the viewers kept mentioning that big elephant which Roberta completely missed. She did not realize the whole composition in itself looked like an elephant running, while spraying water on itself. It is quite an interactive work and the viewers enjoy the challenge of finding out where the six little elephants are placed.