HKD $6,000


Series: Knowledge
Original Medium: pen and ink on paper
Edition of 50 on archival paper
Print size: 60x80cm
(Includes 2 cm white border each side)


This piece is the climax of Roberta’s artistic evolution. It marks her path as one of the most significant works reflecting her current artistic direction and unique style. In this work the artist clearly speaks of her love for simplicity in its utmost complexity, celebrating the simplest elements of art, dots, lines, shapes, forms. A visual story-telling of ‘a mind with a mind of its own’. Started out as a challenge to fill in and cover the entire paper with a background of symbols, the artist felt such excitement in her new discovery of this particular technique, but felt like it all ended too quickly. It was simple. So, in an attempt to add an extra challenge, Roberta decided that she would add a big hand-dotted circle right in the center of the paper. It would be the start of a long journey, 100 hours of work and possibly millions of dots. This work will always be the pioneer of her most painful, and yet most satisfying artistic style and process.