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Series: Reflections
Original Medium: ink on paper
Size: 56x76cm
Year: 2019


The concept of the ring compositions was born late at night at the studio out of curiosity and a little bit of boredom too. Roberta had two sheets of paper on the floor and she gently started to create matching half-rings across the edge of the paper. Over the course of the next few weeks and months Roberta gave birth to one of her defining styles that would be so well received by her art aficionados and clients. This series of works on paper is named “Reflections” series as Roberta sees these works as a reflection of her state of body and mind, translating her calmness or her anxiety and pain into different movements, rhythms and ripples. In this process Roberta is able to let go of her need to control and let the art do its thing, just by following through, but at the same time she is summoned by each and every line and in this way undeniably connected and almost beautifully held hostage by the grand design, the grand scheme, called to her vocation, where saying ‘no’ is not an option.

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