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Series: Reflections
Original size: 56x76cm
Original Medium: ink on paper
Year: 2019


This is unequivocally the climax of Roberta’s therapeutic and meditative work, achieved with the use of fine calligraphy brushes of various sizes. It is a sequence of individually drawn lines that build upon one another, following each other’s rhythm and movements, like an intimate dance. In doing so, Roberta creates shifting and evolving compositions, that vibrate with movement and illusion. It is quite hard to stare at this type of work for a long time. This piece along with “Rupture” both speak volumes of Roberta’s need for peacefulness; this art making process can be associated with the concept of a time vacuum, where the artist is sucked into a sunken place where life as is ceases to exist, where the artist ceases to exist as matter and shifts into complete numbness. The repetition is highly addictive and so is the state of being – or perhaps not being – in which it is achieved.

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