HKD $2,800


Series: Evolution
Original Medium: pen and ink on paper
Edition of 50 on archival paper
Print size: 40x47cm
(Includes 2 cm white border each side)


About Her is a smaller, but extremely detailed piece by the artist.

Sold just about a week after its completion, this piece is said by Roberta to be a sort of a autobiography; a look into the multiple aspects of her artistic personality and techniques that she has developed so far. All of these combined and collected into one piece of work.

About Her speaks of her love for motif-making and patterns, hieroglyphs and her determination to better and improve herself technically and on a personal level too. In this piece, stippling and her intuitive motif-making technique are overlapped and braced together, where shades of grey with soft contrasts create a clam and yet captivating experience for the viewer.